It is my sincerest hope you find something of interest here. Below are my three favorite projects. Come check out some of my other work. After all that’s why your here right?. You can find my professional and personal work under the portfolio tab and don’t be shy, drop me a line under the contact page. ~cheers

Creative Works | What people are saying.

Matteo, Ottimo lavoro! E ‘piacevole vedere un grande mix tra tante discipline progettuali. Continuare a fare quello che ti interessa e mi aspetto io vedrò il tuo lavoro in Italia presto.

English Translated : Matthew, Great work! It is refreshing to see a great mix between so many design disciplines. Keep doing what you are interested in and I expect I will see your work in Italy soon.

Louis VataliIndustrial Designer, Italy

I love love love your work Matthew. Cant wait to see the next installment of “Resolution”. You should consider doing an art exibit and sell your work… to me 🙂 Just a thought. Either way great work!

Denise TrillArtist

I have been fallowing your site for a few months now and I must say I am impressed!

Max DonnelQuebec, Canada

Great work! “Creative Works” my friend may be a bit of an understatement.  Genius… pure genius. Only wish I had come up with some of these Ideas first.

Patric SmithOwners Representative and Architectural Consultant

So are you a artist first, a designer second and an Architect last? Just a little confused as all of your work seems so good! Great job… I mean work. 😉

Zoe ChambersIndustrial Designer & Principal

Creative Works | By Matthew Muir